Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Lesson from Narnia

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's president said on Thursday the new U.S. administration must change Washington's approach to the Islamic Republic, which is embroiled in a row with the United States over its nuclear program."
Well, Obama and and his Obaminations have been chanting “Change” for the passed two years, so this really shouldn't be a problem. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was good enough to clarify what sort of change he's looking for:

"Any administration in America that takes office should at least make two changes in its behavior, the first change is in the field of America's interference ... The circle of interference should be limited to within American borders."
What an interesting idea! Just stop messing around in other countries' business. Start treating sovereign nations as sovereign nations. And , while we're at it, start thinking about America as a country with borders. Hummmm...intriguing.

“The second change is the approach of the American government toward Iran," he said. "If there are real and fundamental changes I think it would be welcomed by nations. But, if the previous behavior continues with a change of tactic and in a new package, the trend of the world's affairs will stay on the past trend," Ahmadinejad added."
What!? They don't trust us! They think that our previous interference stands as a rule for future interference! So much for the days of integrity and reliability.

I only recently watched Prince Caspian but Trumpkin's quip seems appropriate for the situation. The vicious and evil Miraz had just punctuated his intention to wipe Narnia clean of Narnians by slapping the Dwarf across his face. Trumpkin looks up and comments, “And you wonder why we don't like you.” I should think that that one statement sums up what the rest of the world thinks of US. We screw around in their lives, corrupt their leaders, undermine their sovereignty, and force our ideas on them. No wonder they hate us.

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